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Day 52

Day 52 – 6th of May 2020

We have always liked to have a nice movie night with the kids on the weekend in front of our cinema screen. Today is a normal Wednesday, but after we have been subscribers to the Disney Channel for a few days now, my gentlemen surprised me tonight with the announcement that our first Star Wars evening is taking place – popcorn included. Why not, my husband was sometimes highly surprised anyway that I hardly know any of the characters from the heroic epic.

Even though I could never fully comprehend it, I also didn’t miss what an eerie cult has been around Star Wars for decades. I had heard of Jedi knights before, but after I had looked at any of the parts for 10 minutes, I knew that this was not for me.

However, my sons had always remarked that they wanted to watch the Star Wars movies with their dad. I, too, wanted to give Star Wars another chance and start with the first episode, which is not the beginning. Actually more out of interest, to understand what has inspired so many people, so many years.

Darth Vader

And so today is the time. When I saw at the film ad that the film is from 1977, I wasn’t surprised anymore that I had missed the beginning. I was still a child then.

Some of the actors looked familiar to me, but I only realized in the credits that Harrison Ford, whom I like as an actor, played Han Solo. I’d never seen him that young before.

Education gap closed

Anyway, not that it’s particularly important, but I can have a say now, I know who Obi Kann-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker are, I know what the Droids C-3PO and R2-D2 look like, and now I know a little bit about the Star Wars. I had recognized Darth Vader before, but the fact that he breathes all the time as if he was almost choking was a new realization for me as well.

Anyway, again a gap in my education was closed. Whereby it was interesting to see how films were made before the revolution of the computers. A lot of things were so outdated that they had a high entertainment value again

When I asked my children about the film, how they liked it, I didn’t get any clear answers. I think the stories of my husband, who knows the films from his youth, created too high expectations among the children. But children who have grown up in the 21st century probably imagine cult films somewhat differently. But like they say – everything has its time.


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